Classes for Kids

Children will plunge into the world of spelling, grammar, rules, tongue twisters, riddles, fairy tales, poetry, culture, and traditions. The goal of this class is to let the kids experience the richness and beauty of the Russian language and to inspire a love for it that our teachers and parents share.

A program for children to start learning Russian form zero in a fun and play-based way.

The lessons are based on the author's methodology and carefully designed tasks, most of which have a game form. Not only will we solve problems, but also measure, weigh, solve puzzles, collect patterns and shapes from constructors and play logic games. Proposed solutions will be discussed in a way that will allow kids to learn not only to give an answer, but also to reason, substantiate their answer and reflect on the problem.

Play-based class for children who already speak Russian, even if not very well. We will do a lot of playing, talking, and listening. The main goal of the class is to develop speech and vocabulary in order to learn to communicate in Russian.

Creative dance and spontaneous movement perfectly solve the problem of relieving emotional tension and tightness. In our dance classes, we will turn on our imagination, listen to ourselves and learn to understand feelings of others through movement. Creative dance is a dance of the soul.

Who doesn't love to sing, dance and play music instruments?

In this class, kids will draw, glue, build, sculpt, design, experiment with tools and materials, mix colors, combine shapes, build compositions, and work together and discuss their creations.

Our goal is to teach children to see the world around them through the eyes of an artist, such as form, nuances of light and shadow, organization of space and color.

Craftsmanship lessons – we will work on various exciting age-appropriate DIY projects.

Nature, weather, life cycle, animals, birds, insects, plants, people, countries and planets. Kids will find answers to the most interesting questions about the world around them.

Introduction to Engineering, Fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy. Everything you need to know to fly into space and more.

The theater returns this year! Exciting activities and acting exercises will help children recognize and communicate their emotions, improve pronunciation and vocabulary, and work on character development.

Kids will learn about various aspects of Russian traditional life, from the structure of ancient cities, a peasant hut and a royal palace, to ancient weapons, costume elements, folk crafts, as well as myths and legends.